NYS Fishing License

The Renssleaer County Clerk's Office no longer issues NYS Fishing Licenses. For information on obtaining a NYS Fishing License go to www.dec.ny.gov


The City of Troy's Clerk's Office issues fishing permits for the Tomhannock Reservoir. The permit is $10 for 2 years. To purchase a new one or renew, you must show a valid driver's license and a current NYS Fishing License. Persons 70 years of age and older are eligible for a FREE permit with proper proof of age.
Tomhannock Reservoir Provides a variety of sport fishing - During the open water season, yellow perch, black crappie and bluegill comprise the biggest share of the panfish catch, while smallmouth bass are the most important game fish. Largemouth bass, chain pickerel and walleye are also available. During the ice fishing season, the action centers around yellow perch, black crappie and chain pickerel. Bluegill and walleye round out the catch.

Tomhannock Reservoir, a 1700-acre public water supply, services Troy and surrounding communities - For this reason, special rules and regulations apply to protect its water quality. Boating and wading are prohibited. Except as otherwise provided, the Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) and the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) orders with respect to open seasons, size limits and catch limits shall be in effect.

Fishing permits, which are revocable, are issued by the City Clerk's Office. Special permits may be issued at the discretion of Troy for uses other than fishing.

The ice fishing season runs from January 1 through March 15 during daylight hours only. Ice fishing is permitted only on that part of the reservoir from the dam southerly to a continuous line extending between two orange markers and on that part from the south end of the reservoir northerly to a continuous line between two orange markers.

Troy's Department of Public Utilities and DEC reserve the right to eject anyone from the area for disorderly conduct, intoxication or any behavior that endangers the general safety or health of people in the area.

Some simple RULES to follow while using the cooperative fishing areas.


  • Carry your permit when in the area.
  • Show your permit upon request of a Department employee or authorized official.
  • Surrender your permit upon request by a Department employee or authorized official in whose presence a violation has taken place. Also, leave the cooperative area until your permit has been reinstated.
  • Comply with all DEC regulatory signs.
  • Take fish only by angling or tip-ups during the ice fishing season.


  • Trespass on the Cooperative Area within any area posted "Restricted Area".
  • Trespass or fish unless you are fishing under permit.
  • Hunt, trap, litter, build fires, wade, swim, bathe, picnic, operate a boat or snow mobile, erect any hut or tent, damage or molest fences, gates, equipment, trees or other property, or disturb people who may be working on the cooperator's lands.
  • Possess cans or bottles except at a parked vehicle.
  • Deposit human waste or garbage on or beneath the surface of the ground, water or ice.
  • Allow herbicides, pesticides, or toxic chemicals to enter the reservoir or watercourse.
  • Use chemicals such as antifreeze, salt or petroleum to keep fishing holes open.
  • Possess or use power augers on the ice.
  • Possess gasoline or other fuel.