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Baseball Fields
Knickerbacker Park

Basketball Courts
112th Street Park
Knickerbacker Park
Prospect Park

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City Pools
South Troy
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Dog Park
Kinloch Park

Football Fields
Knickerbacker Park

Golf Course
Frear Park

Handball Courts
Prospect Park

Hockey Rink
Frear Park

Ice Skating Indoor Arena
Knickerbacker Park

Ice Skating Outdoor Rink        
Knickerbacker Park

Nature Trails
Frear Park
Prospect Park

Frear Park

Prospect Park

Picnic Areas
Prospect Park

Frear Park
Knickerbacker Park
Prospect Park

Soccer Fields
Knickerbacker Park
Prospect Park

Softball Fields
Prospect Park

Tennis Courts
Frear Park
Knickerbacker Park
Prospect Park

Knickerbacker Park
(400 Meters Oval Track) 

Spray Pool
Prospect Park

Walking Trails
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The City of Troy provides the public with a variety of recreational events, venues, and parks. There are 3 major parks, a boat launch and park, two memorial parks and 18 neighborhood parks that offer a range of recreational and sporting activities for children, adults and seniors.

If you have any questions about recreational facilities, services, programs or special events, please feel free to contact our Bureau of Parks & Recreation at (518) 235-7761 or 235-0215.


Frear Park
Knickerbacker Park
Prospect Park


9/11 Memorial Park (112 st and 1st Ave)
Col. Albert Pawling Memorial Park (Congress St and Pawling Ave)


6th Avenue Park
9th Street Park
112th Street Park
120th Street Park
Barker Park
Beman Park
Carroll Hill Park
Cook's Right of Way
Geer Field
Ingalls Avenue Playground
Kinloch Park
North Lake Avenue Park
Osgood Tot Lot
Powers Park
Riley's 8th St Park
Riley's 9th St Park
Riverfront Park
Sheridan Avenue Park 
  on Old 6th Ave
on 9th St (between Jacob St & Eagle St)
at 112th St and Park Place
at 120th St and First Ave
at 3rd St and State St
at 15th St and Peoples Ave
on Delaware Ave (at Oneil St) 
on 10th St (off Rensselaer St)
on Thompson St (off Mill St)
at 7th Ave and Ingalls Ave
end of Parmenter Ave (off Spring Ave)
on N Lake Ave (near Frear Park Rd)
at 3rd St and Canal Ave
at 110th St and Second Ave
on 8th St (between Hoosick & Hutton)
on 9th St (between Hoosick & Hutton)
at Front St and River St
at Thomas St & Sheridan Ave
(off Sherman Ave)


Main Number
(518) 235-7761 or
(518) 235-0215

Frear Park Golf Course
(518) 270-4553

Knickerbacker Pool
(518) 237-0097

South Troy Pool
(518) 270-1125

Baseball & Softball Rainouts 
(518) 235-8993

Prospect Park Tennis Complex 
(518) 270-8292

Youth Team Activities
Sports Assoc. & Leagues 

Skate Schedule

Park Rules &



Do you and your pet live in the
City of Troy? You must license
your dog.

Contact the City Clerk for more
information (518) 279-7134

Visit | Dog License Page