The Rensselaer School was founded in 1824 with funding from Stephen Van Rensselaer, a descendant of the founding patroon, Kiliaen. The school later became Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), now one of the highest-ranked engineering schools in the country. 

In 1821, Emma Willard founded the Troy Female Seminary on 2nd Street, which moved to its current location on Pawling Avenue in 1910. It was renamed Emma Willard School in 1895. The former Female Seminary was later reopened (1916) as Russell Sage College, thanks to funding from Olivia Slocum Sage, the widow of financier and Congressman Russell Sage. All of these institutions still exist today.

Online Services


Use this system to search for Real Property information in the City of Troy. You can search property by owner,  street address, parcel ID or any of the advanced options available. 

If you have any questions regarding this service, please feel free to contact the Assessor's Office at (518) 279-7126 or (518) 279-7127

Real Property Database


The City of Troy's Charter and Code of Ordinance is available online through our E-Code service.



You may use the form below to submit a violation complaint to the Bureau of Code Enforcement. If you prefer to submit a complaint by phone, please call the Bureau of Code Enforcement HOTLINE at (518) 270-4404. 

Submit a violation complaint or report a problem using our online form:

Code Enforcement Complaint


You may use the links below to view online police data or file an accident report or police report. For more information on the Troy Police Department visit

Accident Report
Crime Mapping
Police Report
Sex Offenders Lookup
Submit a Crime Tip

PUBLIC UTILITIES (Water Department)

Use our online forms to submit a water or sewer complaint. You may also use our forms to report a problem with fire hydrants.

If you have any questions regarding service or would prefer to submit a request by phone, please contact the DPU dispatcher at (518) 237-0241.

If this is an emergency or you require an immediate response, please contact the DPU dispatcher at
(518) 237-0241.

Submit a request for service or report a problem using our online forms:

Combined Sewer Overflow
Fire Hydrant Complaints 
Sewer Complaints
Water Complaints


Use our online forms to make requests for various DPW services such as recycling and garbage collection, pothole reporting, traffic light problems, damaged street signs, problem trees, etc.

You may also contact the DPW dispatcher directly at (518) 270-4579.

Submit a request for service or report a problem using our online forms:

Appliance Collection
Junk/Bulky Items
Pothole Reporting
Recycle Bin Request
Snow (Plowing / Removal)
Street Light Out
Street Signs
Traffic Light Out
Tree Service
Yard Waste


The following bills can be paid online

Parking Ticket
Property Taxes

A payment can be made by credit card, debit card, or an electronic check. To pay by electronic check, you will be asked to enter your bank routing and account numbers at checkout. These numbers can be found on the bottom left of all standard checks. Please be advised that the City of Troy does not accept partial payments.

You can access your bill online by entering your last name in the field provided. For account verification you may want to have your bill statement available. At checkout your total payment will reflect any interest applicable due to a delinquent bill plus a processing fee for the use of credit and debit cards and or electronic check.

If you have any questions regarding the above online services, please feel free to contact the Treasurer's Office at (518) 279-7115.

The City of Troy also provides a Tax Search Service for Troy properties only. If you have any questions regarding our tax search service, please feel free to contact us at (518)279-7109.