In addition to the strong presence of the early American steel industry, Troy was also a manufacturing center for shirts, shirtwaists, collars and cuffs. In 1825, a local resident Hannah Montague, was tired of cleaning her blacksmith husband's shirts. She cut off the collars of her husband's shirts, since only the collar was soiled, bound the edges and attached strings to hold them in place. (This also allowed the collars and cuffs to be starched separately.) Montague's idea caught on, and changed the fashion for American men's dress for a century. Her patented collars and cuffs were first manufactured by Maullin & Blanchard, which eventually was absorbed by Cluett, Peabody & Company. Cluett's "Arrow shirts" are still worn by men across the country. The large labor force required by the shirt manufacturing industry also, in 1864, produced the nation's first female Labor Union, the Collar Laundry Union, founded in Troy by Kate Mullany.

City Projects

  5 Year Consolidated Plan 
   Planning & Economic Development Progress Reports

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   501 Broadway Troy, LLC Planning   Steve Strichman 279-7166  In Process
  Chasan Building and Proctors Theater Master Plan Planning

Chasan Building - Complete
Proctors Theater - Mothballed
  College Suites at Hudson Valley  Code Enforcement Carlo Sorriento
  Ingalls Avenue Boat Launch and Park Planning

Andrew Kreshik

Final Design and Remediation
  Martin Luther King Apartment Revitalization - Omni Development  Planning   Chris Brown
  Monument Square Redevelopment Planning

Steven Strichman    279-7166

  Pawling Avenue Signalization Engineering  Todd Dickinson 279-7179  Construction 
  Riverfront Bikeway and Walkway Planning

Steve Strichman

  Seawall Stabilization Engineering  Todd Dickinson
Consultant Design
  Scolite - Upper Hudson River & Estuary Center Planning

Andrew Kreshik

  South Troy Industrial Park Road
DRAFT Environmental Assessment
Andrew Kreshik

Pending Final Design/ROW
  Stoneledge Terrace Residential Development Engineering

Phase II - In Process 
  Traffic Signals Improvement Engineering


  Troy Downtown Marina - Repairs and Flood Mitigation  Engineering  Todd Dickinson
Consultant Design (on hold until Seawall completion)