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Monument Square River Front Park


The City of Troy received a Restore NY Grant to demolish the former City Hall (43,000 sq.ft.) and adjacent parking structure (27,000 sq.ft.).  The project includes demolition, hazardous materials abatement and site infrastructure improvements of the former City Hall and parking structure for future development.  The project also includes civil and structural engineering, environmental monitoring and hazardous material testing activities associated with the demolition.

The City of Troy has engaged a consultant to assist with the redevelopment of the former site of City Hall and the adjoining parking structure.  The redevelopment of the Monument Square site represents a singular opportunity to: (1) Visually and physically enhance public access to the Hudson Riverfront, linking the riverfront and downtown; (2) Create a dramatic southern entrance to Riverfront Park; and, (3) Build a new structure(s) on part of the site.

The City of Troy will develop a public/private partnership to redevelop the Project Area to include a public park as part of a mixed use development that will include a building(s) that will provide space that may include retail, commercial, governmental and/or residential uses.  The new building(s) will be complimentary to downtown's waterfront and downtown setting and compatible with the scale and character of the surrounding architecture.

Furthermore, through the services of a second consultant the City of Troy will prepare a plan and develop detailed design documents for the redevelopment of Riverfront Park.  This project provides an opportunity to improve the connections between the Riverfront Park and Troy's Downtown, improve linkages to the north and south of the Park, remedy the Park's existing design deficiencies and to intelligently program $1.75 million in funding recently secured for Park improvements.


RFQ Redevelopment at Monument Square
RFP One Monument Square (2012)

Monument Square Redevelopment Presentation #1
Monument Square Redevelopment Presentation #2
Planning Board SEQR Resolution
Full Environmental Assessment Form
SEQR Notice of Intent
SEQR Notice of Determination of Significance
Riverfront Park Plan Presentation Plan #1
Riverfront Park Plan Presentation Plan #2
Riverfront Park Final Master Plan & First Phase Implementation

Questions or comments regarding this project may be addressed to the Planning Department by calling (518) 279-7166 or emailing [email protected].