How is the service rate calculated?

The rate is based on the New York State Real Property System (NYSRPS) file for the City of Troy. For example, if your house is identified as a two family / two unit home, then you will be billed $386 total.

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1. How is the service rate calculated?
2. I own and live in a two family home, but do not rent the second unit. Will I be required to pay a fee for both units?
3. I currently use a private garbage collection service. Will I be exempt from the solid waste fee?
4. I qualified for the Enhanced STAR property tax exemption. How does that affect the residential unit fee?
5. My property is a vacant building, parking lot, or garage. Will these parcels be exempt from the fee?
6. I received a bill for a two-unit property, but my house is a one-family home. Why is this happening?