What is my role as property owner?

The preservation of Troy's rich architectural heritage depends on the willingness of owners to exercise proper care in the maintenance and management of their properties. The Historic District and Landmark review Commission exists to aid property owners in discharging this responsibility. If you are planning any modifications to the exterior of a building within the boundaries of one of the historic districts, you are required by law to have the project reviewed by the Commission and approved by the Planning Department before work can commence. While this procedure may sound burdensome, it is actually quite simple, and its purpose is to help you preserve the investment you have already made in a historically significant property. For advice on preparing a proposal for the Commission, contact James Rath at 518-279-7169.

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1. What is my role as property owner?
2. Are there any types of work that do not require the commission’s approval?
3. What are some of the factors that the commission considers when it reviews my application?
4. Can the commission make me restore my building to the way it originally looked?
5. Will the commission make me repair my building?
6. Will landmark designation prevent all alterations and new construction?
7. How can I find architects or contractors who have experience with historic buildings?
8. I own a designated building. Should I tell the tenants in my building about the building’s landmark status?
9. I want to sell my landmark building. Must I tell the commission?
10. If I sell my building, should I tell the new owner that the building is a landmark?
11. My designated building is not capable of earning a reasonable return. May I demolish it?
12. What are the City’s provisions regarding this?
13. Are landmarks owned by not-for-profit organizations subject to the same regulations as other landmarks?
14. Is being designated a Troy landmark different from being listed on the national register?
15. How do I find out more about the effects of designation?