Downtown Wayfinding

A Brief History

Being able to navigate throughout a city with ease is important for both the residents and visitors. Over the years, new signage has been slowly added throughout the downtown next to the old signage creating confusion and making it a challenge to navigate. Introducing a wayfinding system will help foster a sense of place, enhance city branding and simplify navigation.

What's Next?

In order to meet the goals listed above, the City of Troy would like to develop a comprehensive signage strategy to guide visitors and city residents to parking areas, parks, tourist attracts, businesses, municipal buildings, and events by using clear and direct messaging. In March of 2019, an RFP was sent out seeking proposals from qualified firms to plan and design a new comprehensive wayfinding system. Six responses were received back. An evaluation was performed by city staff, RPI, the BID and a downtown business owner. They evaluated based on project approach, expense, relative experience, and familiarity with the area. Staff reviewed references of the selected contractor and the board unanimously selected Tangram Design, LLC as the preferred contractor. 

In September 2019, Tangram began their walk through of the downtown in order to create an inventory of existing signage. A kickoff presentation took place at the Tech Valley Center of Gravity with local stakeholders.

At this time Tangram Design has completed their inventory of downtown and come up with some concept designs. A survey was conducted with the residents and final designs were chosen. The project is currently out to bid for proposals to build and install the signage.

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