Mayor's Office

In an historic election, Carmella Mantello was elected the first female Mayor of Troy, NY on November 7, 2023. 

Focusing her campaign on making Troy a safer, cleaner and more affordable city to live in, Carmella believes “Troy is on the verge of an amazing rebirth”. 

A lifelong Trojan and the daughter of a decorated Troy Police Detective, Carmella was born in North Central, before her family moved to Lansingburgh where she attended high school. Professionally, Carmella has worked for governors of both parties, as the Executive Director of the Hudson Valley Greenway and NYS Canal Corporation. 

Before being elected Mayor, Carmella served as City Council President for 8 years earning her a reputation and track record of being an independent voice that puts people ahead of politics. 

It’s that mindset that she brings to the Mayor’s office, working day and night to deliver results for the people of Troy.