Ingalls Avenue Boat Launch

Since 2016, the City has prioritized waterfront revitalization to increase public access and reconnect families and neighborhoods to the Hudson River, including construction of the long-awaited Ingalls Avenue Boat Launch in North Central Troy.


The Ingalls Avenue Boat Launch is located at 1 Ingalls Avenue, Troy. The site features concrete slab boat ramp, with sectional floating dock, aluminum gangway and kayak launch port. Additional upland improvements include new sidewalk, roadway regrading and repair, new driveway and parking lot, new lighting, and bio retention areas.

There are 19 car and trailer spots, with 16 regular parking spaces for vehicles. The site was designed to ADA standards for accessibility, with dedicated accessible parking spots adjacent to the gangway.

Site Overview

The Ingalls Avenue Boat Launch site is listed as a priority site on the Hudson River Estuary Program Boating Access Plan. The site is the best available boat launch site south of the Troy Dam for approximately ten miles offering access to a large urban population where it is extremely limited due to Interstate 787 urban conditions. The site is easily accessible from I-787 and Route 7 and is a premier local fishing and boating access location.

The new boat launch provides improved public access to the Hudson River in Troy's North Central neighborhood, immediately south of the Federal Lock and Dam, for motorized and non-motorized watercraft.

Through the establishment of the Ingalls Avenue Boat Launch, Troy hopes to promote public awareness and appreciation for the Hudson River. Public boating access is a rare commodity in Troy and was previously unavailable south of the Troy Dam for approximately ten miles.

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