Troy, NY welcomes new colleagues to our growing business community. Whether you're interested in moving your business to Troy or starting a new business, there are people ready and willing to help you locate properties in the city, address building and zoning issues, or connect with others in your industry or your neighborhood. We've created links to some of the helpful resources that are available for business owners to get started.

Starting a Business

To learn more about starting a business in Troy or business opportunities contact Dylan Turek in the Economic Development office at 518-279-7412.

  • Economic Development
  • Programs and Incentives
  • Rensselaer County Chamber of Commerce
  • Troy Business Association
  • Troy Industrial Development Authority (IDA)
  • Troy 100 Forum
  • Historic Troy 2020
  • Troy Redevelopment Foundation

Doing Business With Us

Capital Region Purchasing Group: The City of Troy uses the Capital Region Purchasing Group for issuing and managing all Bids and RFPs in addition to advertising in City's local newspaper The Troy Record. You may also find a list of Bids and RFPs on our contracts and procurement page.

If you have any questions regarding contracts and procurement, or you would like to inquire about doing business with the City of Troy, please call 518-270-4616.

Downtown Troy Business Improvement District: The Troy BID cultivates and advocates the economic growth of downtown Troy by creating an inviting, dynamic, and sustainable community that celebrates the city's history while building towards its future. The BID is dedicated to improving the quality of life within the District to further enhance and make our community a vibrant, attractive destination for visitors, businesses, residents, property owners, the daily workforce, and students.

For business support services in downtown Troy,  email Troy Business Services.

Troy Community Land Bank: The Troy Community Land Bank's core purpose is to redevelop vacant, abandoned and under-utilized properties through community partnerships and strategic planning. Our goal is to encourage economic growth, long-term sustainability and new opportunities for all of Troy's residents and businesses so that we can build stronger neighborhoods and enjoy a greater quality of life.

Troy Rehabilitation and Improvement Program (TRIP): The Troy Rehabilitation and Improvement Program (TRIP), Inc. was created in 1968 to assist low- and moderate-income families in Troy achieve the dream of home ownership. It expanded over the years to meet the growing housing needs of area residents. Today TRIP is a comprehensive community development not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission of connecting individuals and families with resources and knowledge to live in desirable homes and create vibrant sustainable communities." TRIP embodies its mission through providing quality affordable rental units, engaging in community-building and developing resident leaders, and promoting successful and sustainable home ownership.

City Property For Sale

For information regarding City owned property for sale view our foreclosures list.

Property Construction & Codes

Contact the Code Enforcement Office at 518-279-7180 for questions regarding permits and the Planning Department at 518-279-7392 for questions regarding planning and zoning.

Permits &  Licenses

Contact the City Clerks Office at 518-279-7134 for information on permits and licenses.