Tax Exemptions

School Tax Relief (STAR)

The STAR program offers property tax relief to eligible New York State homeowners.

New York State has changed the STAR application process. New STAR applicants must register with NYS Tax Department at 518-457-2036 or visit them at Star Resource Center.

Enhanced STAR/Senior Aged

A copy of your applicable year’s Federal Income Tax Return and Proof of Age (driver’s license/ passport/ birth certificate) and Proof of Residency (driver's license/non-driver ID) must be submitted along with a completed and signed form:

RP-425-E Enhanced STAR Application (PDF)
and the RP-425-IVP Supplement Application (PDF)


RP-467 Senior Aged Application (PDF)

If needed, we would gladly assist in completing the application and verify that all necessary documentation is submitted. 

For more information on property tax exemptions visit NY State Tax and Finance Forms and Guidance site.


Persons with Disability/Limited Income

First Time Homebuyers of Newly Constructed Homes

Other Exemptions