Career Path

All officers start in patrol. While many officers will choose to remain in patrol, others pursue promotion or decide to transfer to specialized divisions after a few years in the field.


Patrol officers conduct preliminary investigations, make arrests, mediate disputes, investigate traffic collisions and provide general police services. They help to maintain the safety and wellbeing of the community.

Specialized Divisions

There are positions in the Troy Police Department that require specialized training like the jobs in our Special Operations Section (SOS), K-9 Unit, and Community Police Unit. All Officers who have finished their probationary period are eligible to apply for a specialized division.


The Detective Bureau is responsible for the prevention, detection, and investigation of crime, and its work often complements the work of police officers assigned to the 4 zones of our city. Our detectives conduct criminal and special investigations, including domestic violence, burglaries, thefts, robberies, assaults, homicides and the enforcement of city, county, and state laws.


The first promotion available to Officers is to either become a Detective, and move into the investigative branch, or to become a Sergeant and move into field supervision. The next promotional step for Sergeant is Captain..

If you have any questions about careers with the Troy Police Department, please contact us by calling 518-270-4441 or email Police Recruitment.