Film/Video Shoot Permit

CITY HALL HOURS  |  The City Clerk's Office is located in City Hall. City Hall is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. City Hall is not open on these Holidays.

If you are interested in Filming in Troy complete a Film and Video Shoot Permit Application to get the process started. 

The completed application must be received by the City Clerk's office at least 21 days prior to shoot. The application can be  mailed or brought to the City Clerk's Office.

Include with your application:

  1.  A background check form for the primary contact person.
  2. A copy of your Certificate of Insurance naming City of Troy as additional insured. (see page 4 of the application). 
  3. A map of all locations to be used. 
  4. Sample resident letter. (see page 4 of the application)
  5. $20 processing fee (cash, check, or money order). You will be billed separately for additional fees that are incurred.

Your application will not be processed until all paperwork has been submitted. Processing may take up to two weeks. Please submit your application as early as possible.