Frear Park

Frear Park is one of three major parks in the City of Troy donated by the family of William H. Frear in 1917. The Frear family gift came with four provisions: 

  • The parcel of land be forever dedicated to public use, and be named “Frear Park.”
  • A street extending from Oakwood Avenue to Lake Avenue be laid out, maintained and named Frear Avenue.
  • The fountain that formed part of the Frear estate be preserved.
  • The Frear family be allowed to construct a gateway or memorial structure at the intersection of Frear Avenue and 15th Street.

Along with a public golf course, Frear Park has the following amenities:

  • Arcadia Field
  • Golf Course
  • Hockey Rink
  • Northlake Field Number 1
  • Northlake Field Number 2
  • Playground
  • Proshop and Restaurant
  • Tennis Courts
  • A Pagoda
  • Nature Trail

Frear Park Conservancy

The Frear Park Conservancy is dedicated to improving Frear Park and Preserving it’s historic integrity. Through collaborative efforts with park users, the surrounding community and the City of Troy, The Conservancy strives to revive and maintain the park’s history, beauty, and recreational value. 

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