5-Year Consolidated Plan

Consolidated Plan

The Consolidated Plan is a document required to be submitted to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) by recipients of federal Community Planning and Development (CPD) funds including:

  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
  • HOME Investment Partnership (HOME)
  • Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG) 

The City of Troy receives federal funding through the programs listed above and has prepared a Five Year Consolidated Plan as required.

The Consolidated Plan serves as a planning document for the City of Troy, an application for federal funds under HUD's CDBG, HOME and ESG formula grant programs, and a five year strategy for addressing community needs. The purpose of the Consolidated Plan is to create a vision to carry out activities consistent in meeting HUD national objectives, which are to:

  • Provide decent housing;
  • Provide a suitable living environment
  • Expand economic opportunities

The Consolidated Plan is a statement of how the City intends to spend its HUD Entitlement funds in the areas of housing and community development. The Five Year Consolidated Plan provides an assessment of housing, homeless, and community development needs, a strategic plan for addressing needs, and an Annual Action Plan outlining specific objectives and outcomes for the use of HUD funds. The Consolidated Plan will identify housing and community development needs in the City of Troy and illustrate how the City will address these issues. Components of the Consolidated Plan include the:

  • Housing and Homeless Needs Assessment;
  • Housing Market Analysis;
  • Five Year Strategic Plan; 
  • Annual Action Plan

Questions and comments regarding the 5 Year Consolidated Plan may be addressed to Carolin Skriptshak at 518-279-7150.