Garbage & Trash Violations

Garbage & Trash Violations

The City of Troy's Sanitation Bureau keeps our City healthy and clean by collecting, recycling and disposing of waste. Placing garbage or trash curbside or in the alley that violates City code is considered littering. See City Code Section 188 Littering 

Dispute Violation Charges

If you wish to dispute a violation charges, complete and download the Sanitation Dispute Form (PDF). Please return the form in-person to the Mayor's Office at Troy City Hall, or by mail to:

City of Troy
c/o Sanitation Disputes
433 River Street
Troy, NY 12180

Avoid Sanitation Fines

Property owners can avoid sanitation fines by following these rules when putting trash & garbage curbside or in the alley for pickup.

  • Household garbage should be placed out to the curb or in the alley after 6 p.m. the night before your pick up day, or before 6 a.m. the day of your pick up. 
  • Garbage and waste must be placed in a water-tight plastic container and may not be placed at the curb in a plastic or paper bag. Please see associated pages for proper handling of recyclables and yard materials
  • If animals manage to break open the trash container, it is the responsibility of the resident to clean up the trash.
  • Bulk items such as furniture, appliances, carpets, TVs, and mattresses must not be put curbside or in the alley for pickup without scheduling an appointment for pickup.
  • The City of Troy does not pickup construction debris. We suggest that for these materials, you contact a dumpster company or a private pickup company.  Construction or demolition material set out to the curb for pickup is considered illegal disposal in the City of Troy.
  • The City of Troy does not pickup up dirt, rocks, bricks, cinder blocks, sand or concrete. 

The City of Troy has two Litter Patrol Officer. If you have any questions or wish to report Litter violations in your area use the zones below to contact the Litter Patrol Officer in your area.

Zone 1
Hoosick Street and North of Hoosick Street
Phone: 518-279-7140
Email Eugene Midura
View the Zone Map (PDF)

Zone 2
South of Hoosick Street to Ferry Street and Brunswick Road. Includes Prospect Park, Cheryl CT, and Taylor LN
Phone: 518-279-7175
Email Frank Christopher
Email Frank Christopher
View the Zone Map (PDF)

Zone 3
For violations found South of Ferry Street and from Pawling Avenue to the East Side
Phone: 518-279-7175
Email Frank Christopher
Email Frank Christopher
View the Zone Map (PDF)

Illegal Dumping

Call the non-emergency Police line 518-270-4411 to report illegal dumping on your property or elsewhere. Get more information about reporting illegal dumping and preventing it.